1. Clothing, Cooking and Still Project Clinics coming again this May!

    Apr. 17, 2018

    Last year we saw a big increase in the number of cooking/nutrition and sewing projects! HOORAY! We are wanting to continue that enthusiastic response by offering clinics once again this spring. Our goal is to better assist 4-H’ers who are taking non-livestock projects with practical advice and practice.

  2. Summer Camps at Canter's Cave

    Apr. 17, 2018

    School is almost out for summer! 4-H summer camps will be here soon, and you don’t have to be a 4-H’er to enjoy all that camp has to offer!

    Canter’s Cave 4-H Camp is located at:  1362 Caves Road, Jackson, OH

  3. Live Healthy Live Well

    Mar. 14, 2018

    Join the Live Healthy Live Well Email Challenge
    Super Powers for a Super You!

    Register today by visiting:

  4. Ohio Crop Performance Trials

    Jan. 02, 2018

    The purpose of the Ohio Crop Perfomance Trials is to evaluate varieties, brands and blends for yield, and other characteristics. The results are published to provide a source of objective information from various locations in Ohio on the relative performance of seed currently available to Ohio farmers on several crops: Alfalfa and other forages, Corn, Silage, Soybeans, and Wheat.

    Click on the following links for reports on:

  5. Home Food Preservation

    Sep. 20, 2017

    Gardeners and other lovers of fresh produce are often interested in extending the season's bounty by learning more about preserving fruits and vegetables at home.  The following articles are helpful in helping you successfully can or freeze your garden produce.  

  6. Pumpkin – Full of Flavor and Health Benefits

    Aug. 09, 2016

    Pumpkins are a sure sign of fall! While many people decorate with pumpkins, did you know eating pumpkin provides several health benefits? Choose pumpkins with a bright orange color to ensure high levels of beta-carotene which the human body converts to Vitamin A. A diet rich in foods with high levels of beta-carotene offers health benefits including: