August 18, 2023 - 2:39pm --

Gardeners and other lovers of fresh produce are often interested in extending the season's bounty by learning more about preserving fruits and vegetables at home.  The following articles are helpful in helping you successfully can or freeze your garden produce.  

Preserving Food With Less Sugar HYG-5359 home food preservation, canning, freezing, pickling, sweetener, sugar
Preserving Food With Less Sodium HYG-5358 home food preservation, freezing, canning, pickling, pickle, salt
Preserving Pie Fillings HYG-5355 home food preservation, pie, canner
Home Preservation of Fish HYG-5351 home food preservation, freezing, canning, smoking, fish
Quick-Process Pickles HYG-5345 home food preservation, canner, pickles
Farm to Health: Maximizing Nutrients and Phytonutrients in Ohio Produce HYG-5581 home, yard and garden
Freezer Storage HYG-5402 home, yard and garden
Freezing Cooked Foods HYG-5308 food, leftovers, freezing
Freezing Fruits HYG-5349 home, yard and garden, freezing, fruit
Freezing Meat, Poultry and Game HYG-5334 home, yard and garden, freezing
Freezing Vegetables HYG-5333 home, yard and garden, freezing
Jams, Jellies and Other Fruit Spreads HYG-5350 home, yard and garden
Preserving Uncooked Jams and Jellies HYG-5348 home, yard and garden, jams, jellies
Salsa: From Garden to Table HYG-5339 home, yard and garden
What To Do When Your Freezer Stops HYG-5357 freezing
Basics for Canning Fruit HYG-5343 home, yard and garden
Basics for Canning Vegetables HYG-5344 home, yard and garden
Canning Basics HYG-5338 home, yard and garden
Canning Meat, Poultry and Game HYG-5330 home, yard and garden
Canning Tomato Products HYG-5337 home, yard and garden
Canning Tomatoes HYG-5336 home, yard and garden
Drying Fruits and Vegetables HYG-5347 home, yard and garden