October 15, 2021 - 2:48pm -- evans.1243@osu.edu

Marketing Assistance Loans (MAL’s) is a marketing tool available to all producers on harvested grain and provides interim financing at harvest time to help meet cash flow needs without having to sell their grain at harvest time which is typically the worst time to sell uncontracted grain. To avoid the usual harvest time dockages, producers who have access to on-farm storage should consider a MAL the meet cash flow needs. The discounts received on 2022 crop inputs will usually more than make up for the interest on these loans. Warehouses loans are also available if stored in an approved storage facility.
Livestock producers who feed their grain can also use these loans to meet cash flow needs. Repayment of bushel to be fed would be required prior to feeding them. A repayment plan can be set up on a weekly or monthly schedule or simply repaid as needed.