*no youth or volunteers are permitted to participate in Pike County 4-H unless they agree to the following terms. Agreeing to said terms means all parties involved are aware of and will adhere to consequences of their actions.

4-H Youth and families along with volunteers participating in or attending local club, county, EERA, regional, state, and national programs, activities, events, shows, and contests sponsored for youth by the Ohio State University Extension - Pike County 4-H Youth Development Program and the Pike County Agricultural Society (herein – Pike County Senior Fair board) are required to conduct themselves according to the 4-H Code of Conduct that follows this introduction.  The code operates in conjunction with the guidelines and regulations of the specific event, show, program, and/or activity. 

The primary purpose of these expectations is to insure the safety and wellbeing of all Extension program participants (i.e., members, parents and families, volunteers, and professionals). 

  • Parents, members and volunteers are expected to function within the guidelines of Ohio State University Extension, 4-H program and Pike County Fair.
  • Involvement with the Ohio State University Extension 4-H program and Pike County Fair is a privilege and a responsibility, not a right.  Ohio State University Extension provides quality educational programs accessible to all citizens.

4-H youth and their families along with volunteers will behave in a manner which promotes good character:

  • I will be supportive of the county program, help my child with project selection, and assist my child with project completion without doing the work for the member.
  • I will conduct myself in a courteous and respectful manner, exhibit good sportsmanship, and provide positive role models for all youth.
  • I will respect, adhere to, and enforce the rules, policies, and guidelines established by their individual county Extension program and Ohio State University Extension and the Pike County 4-H Committee and the Senior Fair board
  • I will uphold an individual’s right to dignity, self-development, and self-direction.
  • I will not actively engage in postings, listings, or pictures that are deemed inappropriate, on any Social Media forums.  I will use all electronic media responsibly, and respect the rights and feelings of all members and adults in my correspondence to others.
  • I will handle animals and operate machinery, vehicles, and other equipment in a responsible manner
  • I will see that my child attends all scheduled 4-H club activities and notify the club advisor if my child is unable to attend.
  • I will help with club and county 4-H activities such as fundraising, refreshments, and other club and county needs.
  • Read the 4-H newsletter, mailings, Project Selection and Requirement Guide, Junior Fair Book and other information with my child(ren).
  • Encourage my child to participate in club/county skillathons/project judgings, 4-H camp, public speaking opportunities, county 4-H fund-raisers, etc.
  •  No person is to coach an exhibitor while the exhibitor is showing or fitting an animal in the show ring.
  • Will follow the Pike County 4-H project requirements, Ohio Department of Agriculture and the Pike County Senior Fair board requirements and rulings.

As a 4-H youth and family along with volunteers, I WILL NOT:

  • Use or possess drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and/or related paraphernalia.
  • Use foul, vulgar, inappropriate language or gestures.
  • Steal or be in possession of stolen property.
  • Physically, verbally, or sexually harass, threaten or behave in such a way that could cause mental distress or physical injury to any person.
  • Possess, handle, transmit, or conceal any objects that can be construed as a dangerous weapons or instruments.
  • Engage in abusive behaviors that physically or verbally threaten or harm any Extension program participant, including youth.
  • Commit a felonious act.
  • Verbal abuse, physical abuse, or harassment toward directors, judges, ring stewards, superintendents, employees, OSU Extension Staff, Sr. and  Jr. Fair Board members, club advisors or the volunteers of the Pike County Fair will not be tolerated.  You may be escorted from the fairgrounds, premiums forfeited, and upon Pike County Agricultural Society Rule Committee’s or the Pike County 4-H committee and Extension Office’s decision, the family members may not be able to exhibit at the Pike County Fair.

Consequences of Behaviors

  • The adults, 4-H youth and/or volunteer for the youth involved in the violation will be notified or made aware of the violation by the Pike County 4-H Committee, Senior Fair board and the Extension Educator.
  • The adults, 4-H youth and/or volunteer will be notified of the incident and the actions taken by the Pike County 4-H Committee, Senior Fair board and Extension Educator. When necessary, arrangements will be made to remove the 4-H youth, family and or volunteer from the event.
  • The 4-H youth, family and volunteer can/may be barred from participating in national, state, district, and/or county events for up to a year, as determined by the Extension Educator, in consultation with the 4-H Advisory Committee and Senior Fair board.
  • Should a violation occurs at a competitive event, 4-H youth, family and/or volunteers may be disqualified from the event and/or be ineligible for accompanying awards.  Decision will be made by the event chairman and designated event committee.  The 4-H youth may be barred from participating/competing in subsequent events.  Further actions will be determined in consultation with the 4-H Advisory Committee, Senior Fair board, Extension Educator and appropriate individuals.
  • When warranted (i.e., violation of Ohio laws) the situation may be turned over to the proper law enforcement authorities.

Pike County Code of Conduct Agreement

I _________, as a member of ____________  have read the Pike County 4-H/Jr. Fair Code of Conduct and agree to abide by it.  I also accept the consequences for my actions, if I choose not to follow the code.

 Signature: ___________           Date: _________________



4-H members,parents, and other adults participating in 4-H activities will:

1.Adhere to program rules, curfews, dress codes, policies, and rules of the facility being used.

2.Conduct themselvesin a courteous, respectful manner, use appropriate language, exhibit good sportsmanship, and provide positive role models.

3.Abstain from illegal behaviors, use of alcohol, illegal or illicit drugs, and tobacco during 4-H events and activities.

4.Fully participate in scheduled activities.

5.Respect other’s property and privacy rights.

6.Abstain from child abuse (physical and/or verbal) and harassment.

7.Accept personal responsibility for behavior including any financial damage.

8.Be responsible for any financial damage caused by inappropriate behavior.

9.Adhere to rules of safety.

10.I will uphold and support the responsible and lawful use of social media.In so doing, I will not create or post social media content that is abusive, threatening, defamatory, obscene, harassing, or creates a hostile environment.

Consequences for violating any part of this code of conduct may include, but are not limited to: removal from participation in the event in which the code of conduct has been violated (at the individual’s expense); sanctions on participating in future 4-H events; forfeiture of financial support for the event; removal from offices held, etc. Behavior outside of 4-H activities can affect “member in good standing” or “volunteer in good standing” status. It is the responsibility of all program participants to reinforce the code of conduct and intervene when necessary to enforce the rules.

I have read, understood and thus agree to theaboveACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RESPONSIBILITY AND RELEASE, PERMISSION TO USE CHILD’S PHOTOGRAPHIC FORM FOR PROMOTION, and4-H CODE OF CONDUCTmentioned above on this __________DAY OF, _________________20______.I hereby give permission for(printed name of 4-H participant)________________________________________to participate in organized events and activities offered by Ohio4-H Youth Development Programfor the current 4-H enrollment year.It is my understanding that my child will learn, understand and follow established guidelines for safety in the activities in which he/she participates.