2020 Family Guide

The 2020 Ohio 4-H Family Guide is now available for download! The Extension Office has a full stock of 4-H books available at the office for you to look through. You are invited to stop in and take a look at any project books you may be interested in for the 2020 4-H year.  Print copies of this guide will not be available for 4-H Families and Advisors until December of 2019.

2019 Pike County 4-H and Jr. Fair Rules


Advisor / Volunteer Forms


Animal Tagging Forms

  • Market Steer
  • Market Hog
  • Market Goat
  • Market Lamb
  • Market Poultry
  • Market Rabbit
  • Breeding / Other Goats
  • Breeding Ewe
  • Fancy/Other Poultry
  • Breeding Rabbit 
  • Feeder Calf
  • Beef Breeding
  • Dairy
  • Horse ID and Release


Camp Forms (See "Camp" page)


Cloverbud Fun Days (Applications)

  • Weather Fun Day (Spring 2018)


Committee and/or Team Applications


County Fair Related


Enrollment Forms 

(REMEMBER:  Individual forms are not brought into the office.  All forms are to be submitted by club advisor by xxx)

  • Cloverbud
  • Member
  • Volunteer


Farm to Fork


Horse Information


Junior Fair Royalty Contest

  • Queen's Contest


Market Animal Project Book Requirements:


Scholarships for Teens

*be sure to fully download this form; do not try to edit while open in the internet browser

  • Ohio State Fair Scholarship (must be postmarked by April 15, 20xx)
  • Pike County 4-H Committee Scholarship Form (due February 5, 2020)
  • Pike 4-H Alumni Scholarship Form (20xx)
  • Ron Pennington Scholarship Form (20xx)


Youth 4-H - "My 4-H Record Book"