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  • Steer weigh-in/taggging form


Dog Program and Projects


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Market Animal Project Book Requirements:


  • Market Livestock Feed Record/Livestock Project Book Supplement - Members who are completing the same project multiple years may use this supplement IN CONJUNCTION with their project book from previous years. Bring BOTH the completed project book and the Livestock Feed Record/Livestock Project Book Supplement to the Market Animal Book evaluation.

Pike County 4-H Jr. Fair 


Poultry Resource Manual


Scholarships for Teens

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  • Ohio 4-H Scholarships and Awards (visit link for details)
  • Pike County 4-H Committee Scholarship Form (due February 1, 2024)
  • Ron Pennington Scholarship Form (due February 1, 2024)


Youth 4-H: "My 4-H Record Book"



Spring Tagging/Weigh-in/I.D. Forms

  • Date:  Saturday, May 4, 2024
  • Location: Beef barn & Multi-Purpose Building at Fairgrounds
  • Please bring your tagging forms!
Market Lamb Breeding Heifer
Breeding Ewe Feeder Calf
Market Hog Dairy (cattle)
Breeding Gilt Lease (as needed)
Market Goat Pygmy Goat
Dairy Goat Meat Breeding Goat
Horse  Market Chick Order