Some might ask, “What is leadership?” Leadership is a set of skills, including the ability to inspire and motivate others, to communicate effectively, to take initiative, to make plans and execute them, and much more. These skills are important, now more than ever. Not long ago all it took to have a comfortable career was to do well in high school, get a college degree, and find a nice stable job. Unfortunately the world is changing rapidly and now teen are finding they have to do more.

So the question then is asked, “How, how can I do more?”  For those who read this article the answer to the question can be found here. 4-H holds the key to teen leadership development. 

  • The first opportunity for Pike County teens is being a part Carteens. Carteens is an organization that is dedicated to educating first time traffic offenders about the dangers of unsafe driving. Carteens provide quarterly court appointed traffic classes and biannual school enhancement programs to driving age youth of Pike County. Carteens will allow youth to take a leadership role in helping mentor their peers about making good decisions.  As a member of Carteens youth will be able to give valuable input into the restructure of the program so that it will better meet the needs in the community.
  • If you know a teen who likes working with younger 4-H members, the outdoors, leading camp songs, and being on the planning end of things then please encourage them to consider the camp counselor experience. Any 4-H’er who has every had the opportunity to spend a week at 4-H camp can agree it is a trip full of great moments. Download your application here.
  • For those teens that enjoy creating an original recipe or searching for that perfect pattern for a new sewing project the Family and Consumer Science (FCS) Teen Board just might be the perfect fit for them.  The FCS Board meets several times a year to plan for FCS judging, awards ceremonies, a FCS fair booth, fair stage decorations, and attend 1 education trip. 
  • So you might be thinking I’m not interested in any of those opportunities but I still need something to put on my college scholarship application.  A big part of 4-H is the Pike County Fair, which is a lot of work but is also very fun and rewarding! Junior Fair Board members have an important role at the fair. The Junior Fair Board is an organization designed to include youth of our county in the fair. Junior Fair Board members help organize events, gather ideas for the annual fair and help maintain the grounds for the fair as well as serving our community throughout the year.

Contact your club leader or 4-H educator for more information.