• NEW VOLUNTEERS: February 15 @ 6:00pm in the Art Hall
  • ALL VOLUNTEERS (who did not attend November session):  February 15 @ 7:00pm in the Art Hall

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New Volunteers Welcome!

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” – Elizabeth Andrew. 

800-plus Pike County youth are 4-H’ers; we need to remind ourselves of different ways we can make a positive impact on a child’s life. Many 4-H youth need someone in their life to help them succeed.  If you know someone who would be a great addition to the Pike County 4-H program please encourage them to apply for volunteer status. 

Ohio State University Extension requires that each potential adult volunteer (who works directly with Ohio 4-H members on a regular basis) to complete the following:

(1) complete the Ohio 4-H Volunteer Application Form and Interest Checklist
(2) must have an approved fingerprint and background check on file at the State 4-H Office
(3) read and sign the Ohio 4-H Volunteer Standards of Behavior
(4) read and sign the Pike County 4-H Committee “Code of Conduct” form
(5) a personal interview to be completed by the 4-H Youth Development Educator
(6) provide the 4-H educator with 3 personal references
(7) attend and complete OSU Extension Youth Protection Policy training
(8) attend New 4-H Volunteer training

Download a volunteer application packet here!

"How to Start a 4-H Club" Informational Packet





For Currently Active Volunteers:

* Volunteers who are required to have a BCI on file with the Ohio 4-H office have been contacted regarding this mandate.  Call the office should you have any questions. 

* The Pike County 4-H Advisory Committee is committed to providing its 4-H members with educational opportunities and experiences.  To improve our programs, curriculum, and delivery strategies, we are seeking to fill our vacant committee spots.  To be effective and relevant, we believe it is critical that representatives from 4-H have opportunity to provide input and service on this committee.  We invite you to serve on our 4-H Advisory Committee.  By serving on this committee, you have an opportunity to guide the Pike County 4-H Program, prepare 4-Hers for their future, and promote and advocate the importance of 4-H.  Applications can be downloaded here or picked-up from the Extension Office.  Vacancies will be voted on at the Annual Advisors Training Banquet by all present 4-H volunteers.

* There is a lot of great information on the web for our volunteers.  Consider browsing some of these suggested sites: