The whole goal of soil sampling is to make a fertilizer recommendation for crop production. To provide the recommendation calibration studies are done with the soil test to measure crop response. For Ohio, the Tri-state fertilizer recommendations provide the calibration study history for recommendation development. For more information on the Tri-state Fertilizer recommendations or developing a soil sampling strategy are provided at
An updated version of the OSU Excel spreadsheet that can be used to generate lime, phosphorus and potassium recommendations is now available on-line. The tool is version 2014-1 published 5/2014. The spreadsheet can be found at the link Other fertility related information factsheets and bulletins can be found at

The Pike County Extension Office no longer does soil testing, but rather, works closely with the fine individuals at Spectrum Analytic.  If you have a sample that needs examined, check out their web site here:  Once you receive results, contact our Ag educator, Jeff Fisher, for interpretation and recommendations for your best soil!